Never Judge a Book by its Cover…Yeah, Right.

Everybody secretly loves a makeover, right? There’s nothing quite like seeing an ugly duckling transform into a swan. Actually, this isn’t a great analogy, as my first Due South covers were gorgeous, but they weren’t quite right for the new, updated look of my Far North series. So, since we all know that we DO judge

I can’t even…

I thought I could probably come up with something clever to say about the days when I feel a lot like this cat. You know, the introverted, I’m-quite-happy-hunkered-down-in-my-editing-cave-no-I-do-not-care-that-I-need-some-vitamin-D Monday-morning kind of feels. And then I thought, you know what? I just want to share this gif with you all ’cause LOOK AT THAT CAT’S LEG!