A girl and her daddy…

There’s something so special about a little girl and her daddy. And this is just BEAUTIFUL! 


I’ve written a few kid characters in my books, both girls and boys, and I confess, some of their best and worst characteristics are *loosely based* on my Master 19 and Miss 15 (who will be 16 in a months’ time!!).

Right now I’m working on TEACH YOUR HEART which has three kids–Morgan aged 13, William aged 10, and the baby of the family, Charlie, who’s 4-nearly-almost-5. I would say they’re secondary characters, but they’ve kinda stolen the show–and definitely my heart. The little girl’s sweetness in the video reminds me of Charlie–but her uncle, who is the hero of TEACH YOUR HEART, has a way to go at the beginning of the book to see what a treasure the three of them are.

Here’s an exclusive (but unedited) teaser from TEACH YOUR HEART, where the heroine, Gracie Cooper, first meets the two youngest siblings.


“Your brother’s right. I’m teasing.” Gracie glanced between them. “You are brother and sister?”

“Yes. He’s William,” Charlie said. “And you have to call him William, or Will, but never Willie because some people say that instead of penis.”

Gracie nearly swallowed a chunk of Hokey-pokey ice cream the wrong way. She coughed onto the back of her hand. “Always William or Will, got it. And you are?”

“Charlie not Charlotte,” Charlie said. “And I’m nearly, almost five.”

Copyright © Tracey Alvarez 2016


I can’t wait for you all to meet the Heath kids, especially Charlie!


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