Hiding in plain sight just got complicated…

Lauren Taylor and her young son have fled back to her hometown to escape fame’s cruel spotlight, and all she wants to do is start over. No press, no pictures, no problem. Until Nate Fraser, a sexy photojournalist, moves in next door. Resisting his kisses and keeping her secrets soon become the hardest thing she’s ever done.

Nate’s got one foot out the door and one last assignment before he resumes his nomadic lifestyle, camera in hand. His every instinct screams that his beautiful but unwelcoming neighbor is hiding something. He couldn’t care less when it’s difficult enough to keep his eyes—and lips—off of her. No matter how much Nate attempts to keep his heart out of reach, he’s drawn into her life. But a guy like him can never have what he wants most. Can he?

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What Reviewers are saying about Hide Your Heart

4.5 stars

Get ready to add Nate Fraser to an ever-growing book boyfriend list! The pace and flow of this story is spot on, and all the side characters add just the right depth to this wonderful story. (InD’tale Magazine)

Five Star

Great characters, interesting events and a well written story, what more could you want in a romance? (Amazon Review)