What if everyone witnessed your most humiliating moment?

For teenager Allison Moore, caught making out with her BFF’s brother, Tanner Armstrong, was embarrassing enough…having it become a viral internet sensation was much, much worse. Alli’s spent the past nine years protecting her identity from trolls and bullies, settling in the small seaside town of Bounty Bay. Only her family and close friends know who she was and the reason she doesn’t give her trust easily. Thanks to being publicly labelled as the Ugly Duckling Virgin, Alli has said goodbye to trust and avoided intimate relationships with men.

Tanner Armstrong transformed himself from a self-absorbed young man who narrowly avoided an internet scandal with his sister’s friend, into a man who’s used his skillset to create an App to combat online bullying. A Silicon Valley success story, obsessive, driven Tanner flies home to New Zealand for his sister’s wedding, and he’s caught off guard when Alli reappears in his life. Unhealed emotional wounds open, but reignites a passion neither is prepared for.

For The Ugly Duckling Virgin to give the man who almost ruined her life a second chance at her heart, their foundation must be built on trust. Only both of them are keeping secrets that could drive a final wedge between them…

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