Studying Reality TV – or, Would You Like a rose with that?

Snippet of conversation between me and Miss 16 the other day. Scene setting: Miss 16 walks in the door after a day at school and immediately comes and gives me a hug. Me: What’s wrong?! Miss 16: I had a horrible, horrible day. Me: What happened?! *thinking Mama Bear (which Miss 16 cutely calls me)

Monday Morning Mumblings

Fire fighters, right? What’s not to love. Brave, dedicated, often heroic. They go above and beyond the call of duty. This weekend I heard/read a lovely story about a firefighter trying to rescue a Wellington woman’s cat. It actually happened near my cousin’s house a few hours before we arrived for a visit. You can read the

Teach Your Heart Release Day & Giveaway

Happy Book Birthday to Gracie and Owen – Teach Your Heart’s release day is today! Woot! I’m so excited about this book and I hope you are too – it’s been a long time coming. Owen, Dr. O-for-Awesome, has a lot to learn from Gracie Cooper and his two nieces and nephew. I have to