Day 12 ~ Las Vegas

Day 12 ~ In which #KiwiChickInUSA learns a life lesson… 

Today was a lesson in perseverance in spite of stupidity. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, my spirit is willing (and desperate to see/hear/experience everything I can) but my body is not, and is demonstrating this by swelling my feet/ankles up and making walking painful. But I have a book to research and I wanted to check out some of the casino and hotels for it and somehow we ended up walking A LOT as much as we tried to save our energy. By midday we’d only managed to buy tickets to Mystere (Cirque Du Soleil), buy new Sketchers for me since my other walking shoes had become too tight, and traipse a short way up and down The Strip in temperatures rising to the high 90s to a couple of different Walgreens trying to find something to help my legs/feet.

We then **finally** found out way to the High Rollers Ferris Wheel thingy (after getting lost in both Hurrahs and Linq casinos) we really enjoyed the 30 minute ride with some incredible views.

IMG_5181 - CopyIMG_5206

Then we over-estimated our capabilities by taking the monorail down to the MGM Grand (where we walked for like a thousand miles through the casino) and out onto The Strip. Really, bad, idea. I won’t bore you with details of heat or how far we walked, let’s just say by the time we finally made it back to our hotel I hated every human being (and especially the ones trying to sell me something or women wearing heels for Pete’s sake) and my feet were snarling at me every time I made them take one more step.

IMG_5143 - Copy

This is my KILL ME NOW face.

This is my KILL ME NOW face.

 Luckily, I recovered in time for Mystere. It was simply the most captivating show I’ve ever seen. God, I LOVE the arts and Mystere was a feast of artistry, talent, strength, skill…I could go on and on. I admit a few times I had tears of exhilarated joy in my eyes from watching the breathtaking beauty of the performance. Just loved it, and it was a wonderful way to finish off our stay in Las Vegas.

Last night I dreamed of flying…

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  1. Rhonda Brant


    YOU POOR THING!!!! Have you tried compression stockings? You can get them for your feet to help keep the swelling down, I had them when I had foot surgery, something to think about. It’s only going to get hotter and more humid as you head East, my friend, so stay in the air conditioning! Safe travels!!!!

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