Day 18 ~ San Antonio, TX

Day 18 ~ In which #KiwiChickInUSA has a need for speed…

After a killer drive from El Paso TX to San Antonio TX yesterday, I woke up this morning still tired. Coffee helped only marginally helped, but we had a tour booked at 9am, so into the city of San Antonio we went. And can I say, that it is one of the prettiest cities I’ve been in so far. Gorgeous old buildings, lots of trees and parks and a really nice vibe to the place.

 San Antonio - Copy

We sensibly decided (I think) to do a Segway tour of the city to save killing our legs in the high temps. I’ve never been on a Segway before, and I was really nervous. DH of course picked it up really fast – but you know how there’s *one* in every group that the tour guides give the slant eye to because they get cocky? Yeah, that was my DH. He was doing a little show off move and stepped off the Segway by accident (fell, really, but he’s denying it) and then he hit an unexpected bump in the sidewalk while not watching and again, stepped off accidentally (read: fell). The tour guide really earned her tip… But the tour was really amazing, and I was soon zooming along and slaloming through posts and all sorts – and it was FUN. We saw far too many historic and interesting spots to list here, but the thing I enjoyed most was hearing about a haunted hotel in San Antonio that used to be a prison.



After the tour we walked back to the Riverwalk and had lunch in a Mexican cafe. The Riverwalk was crowded, but very pretty and I would’ve liked to spend more time here. Next we went to The Alamo, but because the line to get into the main church/chapel building was so long, we instead walked around the grounds and through the museum there instead.



We arrived back at our hotel about 3pm and I confess, I flaked out in a Nana nap for nearly 3 hours! Something I almost never do in the afternoon. But much more alert after this, we headed back into the city and went up the Tower of the Americas for some incredible views over the city as the sun was setting.

Oh – and I saw my first squirrel. My life is complete… 😀


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