Day 2-3 ~ Dallas, TX

Uneventful flight to Dallas-Fort Worth and then the usual drama we seem to have with hiring a car and hidden fine print that wasn’t on the rental’s website. Nevertheless, we finally got away from the airport, with grand plans to take the teens to our favorite restaurant—Cracker Barrel. By this time it was dark and with masses of roadworks, even the car’s GPS was stressed so we gave up after getting lost trying to make it to the restaurant after three or four times and went straight to the hotel.


The next morning we headed into Dallas and walked around Dealey Plaza, hardly able to believe we were really there. I should mention it was more impactful at this point to DH and I who have grown up with the association of JFK’s assignation coloring our view of Dallas, whereas the girls knew little of the former president and didn’t have any biases. We took the tour at the old Texas School Book Depository which has become the Sixth Floor Museum which I found informative, gripping, sad, and tastefully done. Even the girls enjoyed it and were interested in discussing their theories afterwards.


Outside the Sixth Floor Museum.

The infamous overpass and grassy knoll to the right.

Overlooking Dealey Plaza, with a lovely quote from what would’ve been JFK’s speech that fateful day.

After the museum we caught a hop-on hop-off bus tour around Dallas city and had lunch at the Hard Rock Café.

We enjoyed our little glimpse of Dallas which is actually a really pretty city with lots of interesting architecture, lovely red brick buildings, and wonderful art and sculptures.

I’m watching you… Evidently people choose to get married in front of this giant eye sculpture!

JFK memorial with Reunion Tower in the background.

We went into this ah-mazing smelling Western goods store that was pure new leathery bliss and I fell in love with this gorgeous turquoise cowgirl boots – which I’m afraid had to stay in the store – but I did buy some super-cute Texas souvenirs including boot salt n’ pepper shakers and a pretty turquoise necklace. I’m looking forward to exploring this city more one day.

Miss 16 photo-bombing me as I wistfully try on the most gorgeous boots!

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