Day 4 ~ Los Angeles

Day 4 ~ In which #KiwiChickInUSA rubs shoulders with the rich and famous…kinda

Even though I swore I never would, today DH and I took a trip to Hollywood Blvd and visited Madam Tussaud’s. I was both creeped out, fascinated by the work involved and at times, interested in how tall/little/thin/different the wax figures were to my perception of them via movies/TV, and weirdly excited. While my emotional brain was squeeing, “OMG, it’s Hugh-freaking-Jackman” the bigger, cynical half of my brain was rolling it’s eyes and saying, “Puh-lease, it’s a giant candle in clothes.” Whatever my preconceptions, we spent a fun hour posing with the figures. And let me add, I discovered just how sucktastic I am at taking selfies, LOL. I’m obviously not going to post every single photo we took here, just a few of my favorites. A couple that made me kind of sad were Robin Williams and Patrick Swayze – Robin was my favorite comedian of all time and Patrick, well, let’s just say nobody puts Baby in a corner and leave it at that.




We then stepped out onto Hollywood Blvd into absolute chaos. The sidewalk was packed, you could barely see the stars you were walking on, and the TLC Chinese Theatre was swarming with people. We weren’t really worries as we have been there before, so we continued to wander (if one can wander when surrounded by masses of sweating humanity) up/down the Blvd. Did I mention I have a cynical side of my brain? Saw a guy panhandling who claimed to be an ex-veteran, complete with a fixed miserable expression that didn’t change the whole 3-4 minutes we were waiting at the lights – and seriously, the dude was good looking enough to be an actor, designer stubble and all. Don’t get me wrong, I have a heart for anyone suffering and who has fallen on hard times, but this guy had my fake-dar bleeping… (Maybe it was the camera crew filming right next to him, and him staring off into the middle distance pretending he didn’t notice because he was soooo downhearted.)

2016-USA-road-trip-day4-8 2016-USA-road-trip-day4-63

One unexpectedly bad decision of the day was to try and drive up to the Griffith Observatory. Unknown to us there was a huge concert going on that evening and we drove right into the narrow, windy road leading up there. A friendly police officer let us know what was going on, so we turned around eventually and headed back out of town to the hotel for the night.

What this Kiwi Chick loved most about today: The craziness of Hollywood Blvd.

Things this Kiwi Chick learned today: That where there are traffic cones and dudes directing traffic, it probably means drive the other way if you don’t want to be stuck for an hour…

What food this Kiwi Chick loved today: Enormous slice of New York style pizza on Hollywood Blvd.

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  1. Kim


    We went to Mme Tussaud’s in London years ago and the two things that struck me were how short Martin Luther King was and how huge Charles de Gaulle was. But I agree, it’s pretty creepy.

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Kim,
      If I hadn’t had loved romance so much I probably would’ve gone towards horror…and all I kept thinking there was ‘Please don’t let their eyes move…!’ I was also fascinated by the height/size thing – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (can’t remember actress’s name) was TINY and so slender you could’ve hidden two of her behind me, ha ha.


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