Day 5-6 ~ San Antonio

Today we drove to San Antonio, with a detour into Austin. It was also a red letter day as we had our first lunch at our favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel. We love the food, the endless coffee, the friendly staff and the gift store – OMG I could spend hours in the gift store alone!


I am just that happy to be back in Cracker Barrel!

We’ve never been to Austin before, so we really enjoyed a free tour around the Capitol Building. Even the girls were interested to find out about some of Texas’s history and it was a great pre-intro for our visit to the Alamo.

Such a beautiful building in Austin.


We woke up to rain in San Antonio. Being hardened Kiwi travelers we sucked it up and walked to the Alamo anyway. DH and I went to the Alamo last July, but with the summer rush we didn’t get an opportunity to go inside the chapel area or do the audio tour. This time we were in luck and we really enjoyed wandering around listening to the history. Especially cool was chatting to a couple of guides who told us about medicine available in the 1800s and also the muskets/rifles used then.


History comes alive in the Alamo, who cares about the rain.

Lunch was at a Mexican restaurant along the River Walk, which is just beautiful, but unfortunately a little drippy when wet! We wandered around the River Walk after lunch as we had a Segway tour booked for 2pm, but at around 20 past 1 the heavens opened and it POURED down. We took shelter in a nearby Walgreens, but within 10 minutes it hadn’t ceased and the road back to our car was a deluge of running water. DH and the girls jumped and hopped across, I gave up after one step when the water was well over my feet.

Wet feet waiting to happen…

Such a pretty background.

The River Walk.

So after a brief detour into a Goodwill Store for a shop (the girls LOVE 2nd hand shopping) we are back at the hotel getting dried off. Even though the weather wasn’t ideal, I still enjoyed our visit to San Antonio and hope to come back here again some time to explore the places we didn’t get to see in Summer last year.

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