Day 5 ~ Last Day in L.A

Day 5 ~ In which #KiwiChickInUSA sees views of L.A up high & down low…

We finally picked up our car this morning, a gorgeous Dodge Challenger RT Plus in B5 blue. Love the dirty rumble of the V8 engine!


Of course, we had to take it for a drive, so we headed up to the Griffith Park Observatory. There are some amazing mansions on the road up there which had me wondering who exactly lived in them and what their stories are. The mind boggles. And the observatory itself—what a beautiful building and the views over L.A were just stunning. Reminder to self: Watch ‘Rebel Without a Cause again when back in New Zealand, both for the smoulderingly sexy James Dean and a glimpse of the observatory in the sixties.

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Next we zipped down the hill…and got caught in rush hour traffic from the park to Santa Monica! I still found the drive fascinating, and at least the Challenger has a fantastic navigation system so I wasn’t constantly peering at my phone terrified I was going to direct DH onto the wrong freeway! We parked at the Sears parking lot in Santa Monica as DH needed to pick up a nice shirt and pants for the Rita Awards Ceremony at the RWA later this week. We traipsed around the men’s section with DH screwing up his nose at most of my shirt suggestions (“I’m not wearing that one, it has zips on the pockets!”) then decided to drive down to the Santa Monica pier—unaware that we were practically at the pier already. Eventually after driving around for fifteen minutes (every single tourist in L.A was at the pier already or trying to get to the pier in their cars) we headed back to Sears and forked over the $$ to park longer and just walked the 300 metres from the parking lot to the pier.

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When we were last in Santa Monica we had our two kids in tow and it was near the end of October. Big difference in tourist population this evening—while in October the pier was still busy, this evening it was packed. We had dinner at Bubba Gumps (first time in all our road trips that we’ve ever eaten there) and then strolled down the pier to the very end. It was a beautiful summer’s evening with a pretty sunset hovering over the rolling surf and a perfect end to our time in the City of Angels.

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What this Kiwi Chick loved most about today: Seeing how happy my DH is with our new car. This man has supported my writing from the very beginning, way back when soon after we were dating he presented me with an old clunker of a computer which I thought was just the, best, thing, ever. He is my unfailing cheerleader and biggest fan, and I’m so blessed to have such wonderful readers who have also supported me by buying my books over the last 2.5 years—I so appreciate each and every one of you in helping to make my darling’s dream come true!

Things this Kiwi Chick learned today: That the Dollar Store is just as dangerous, if not more so, as Walmart. But I discovered a cool little self-portrait button to help me take better selfies…not that it appears to stop the DH and I being caught with derp-ish expressions.

What food this Kiwi Chick loved today: Fresh, sweet and juicy peaches, nectarines and strawberries. Yum!


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  1. Rhonda Brant


    So glad you are enjoying California! You will love San Diego, especially where you are staying. See you tomorrow!!!

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