Day 7 ~ Houston

Today we drove out of the rain and into the humidity on the way to Houston. DH had been in contact with a local guy part of a Dodge Challenger group on FB and we met up with him at Buc-ee’s (which is the first time I’ve been in one and OMG they are HUGE with so much stuff to look at it’s kind of like being a wee animal hit in a retail spotlight). From there we followed him in his mid-sixties Dodge Dart to The USS Texas dreadnaught battleship that had seen action in both WW1 and WW2 and was docked San Jacinto State Park. It was fascinating looking over it, but unfortunately the heat and humidity got to me and I started to feel a little claustrophobic and decided to cut my tour short. DH, however, had a blast.

The next day we visited the Houston Space Center, which was every bit as amazing as we’d hoped. The highlight for me was the trolley tour where we got to go into the mission control building and see THE ACTUAL control room. It felt like stepping into history, as they’ve left the room exactly as it was in the sixties. Also amazing was seeing the real Saturn and getting to go into the 747 and replica space shuttle.

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  1. Sharen Sherman


    Did you find the NASA museum in good condition for a visit after the hurricane..we ‘re planning to go soon.

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