Funny, Flirty Texts!

If I had to pick my favorite movie genre, it would be comedies – and I’m definitely a big fan of the Rom-Com. My DH and DD, not so much. They’re more into action flicks with car chases and explosions, or sci-fi flicks with aliens in cars causing explosions and chasing people. That sort of thing. But I love to laugh, and man, once the giggle-stick hits me there’s no holding back.

Take, for example, the below clip featuring Jimmy Fallon and Sting. They’re singing flirty texts – singing! DH and I watched it together the other night in fits of laughter. We must’ve been pretty loud as we had our Miss 15 hammering on the wall telling us to stop all the laughing she was trying to sleep!

Fortunately the only flirty text I’ve sent to DH that accidentally got delivered to one of my male friends was message calling him darling and asking him to pick up some milk. (See how romantic I am?) My friend replied with an ‘okay, sweetheart’ followed by: ROTFLMAO (Rolling on the Floor Laughing my Ass off – in text speak). It could’ve been worse…much worse. 😉


I hope Jimmy and Sting gave you a smile for today!

But as I keep telling my DD, once you hit that send button there’s no taking a text or photo back.

Have you ever sent the right message to the wrong person? Maybe the wrong message to the right person? Or has auto-correct caused you to wish the earth would open up and swallow you whole. I’d love to hear some of your G-Rated embarrassing text moments, let me know in the comments below.


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