Know Your Heart Release Day!

I’m really excited to introduce you to my latest book, Know Your Heart.

When I first came up with the idea of Savannah and Glen’s story, I wondered how on earth I was going to write about a Golden Globe nominated actress. If you’ve read any of my Due South books, you’ll know that I write about normal, everyday, relatable people. And at first glance Savannah was the kind of woman I couldn’t relate to – famous, ambitious, determined to get her own way come hell or high water. I started to dig, peeling back the layers to find the real woman underneath, the flawed, fragile core that felt like nobody truly knew her, and if they did, they wouldn’t love her enough to stick around. That was a woman I could identify with.

Then there was Glen. Part of Glen’s character was mined from my own experience of high school and as a young adult. Feeling invisible hurts, and when it’s someone you have strong feelings for making you feel that way, it leaves scars. The other thing I stole from my teen years and gave to Glen is a love for the sport of fencing. Yes, I was in the fencing team in high school, and although my motives for joining weren’t pure (cute guy on the fencing team, hello, where can I sign up!) I did enjoy my years learning the sport. Have to admit I sucked pretty badly at it – unlike Glen!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy Glen and Savannah’s rocky path to love.

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Know Your Heart (Far North Book 2)
By Tracey Alvarez
Cover by Book Cover By Design
Contemporary Romance



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He is the one she couldn’t remember. She is the one he couldn’t forget…

After being unexpectedly kicked off a movie set, her part given to a younger actress, Savannah Payne flees to her holiday house in Bounty Bay. There, in her little hideaway managed for her by her older cousin, she’ll be able to lick her wounds privately, and prepare for an audition of a lifetime in L.A. Only her cousin has rented the place out to an old friend for the next month. A friend whose knowledge of the law means she has no easy way to evict her stop-the-heart sexy tenant. He tempts her, challenges her, and sees to the heart of who she is with knowing ice-blue eyes.

Glen Cooper has woken up and smelled the decaying roses. Working in his father’s law firm is murder on his creative heart. A month in New Zealand’s sub-tropical Far North without the distraction of family and work is what he needs to finally complete writing the book he’s worked on for years. He hadn’t anticipated the woman who’d haunted his university days arriving on his doorstep, demanding her house back. But the distraction of her close by must stop. With a literary agent’s deadline approaching, he has to ignore his growing attraction to Savannah or his dream may never become a reality.

Something about Glen stirs Savannah’s blood and the slippery memories of a quiet young man she glimpsed in the background of her tumultuous teenage years begin to return. But how can they make the sacrifice love requires when she has one foot out the door—ready to walk away from him a second time?


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Excerpt from Know Your Heart (Far North Book 2)


Expecting the man in question to come storming out onto the deck, she practiced her widest smile as her house came into view. Since the sun decided to shine this afternoon, he’d get a good view of her crimson lipstick-ed grin and cheery wave as she parked. Her smile slipped a notch. The upcoming parking bit caused her shoulder muscles to knot together. She swiped a sweaty palm down her red capri pants, which looked adorable with her cherry-red and white striped gumboots. She’d been wise enough to choose sensible footwear for Phase 1 of her plan.

Unfortunately, as she turned in to park beside his SUV, Glen wasn’t on-board with the plan. Rock music blared out of the open slider doors—the kind with screeching guitars and rhythm usually accompanied by long-haired dudes bobbing their heads like their necks were on springs.

Sav leaned forward and peered into her wing mirror.

Okay. I can do this. One perfectly executed maneuver, coming right up. She slotted the shifter into reverse and gave it a little gas, turning the wheel to the left. More creaks and groans. She jabbed her foot on the brake then coasted forward to try again. Probably just as well Glen wasn’t witnessing her first attempt. Second attempt, she hauled the wheel in the opposite direction and eureka! Success.

She flicked a glance at the opposite wing mirror as the car trundled slowly backward. Her mouth flew open a second before her gumboot slammed down on the brake. The car shuddered, a cacophony of creaks, groans and metallic squeaks erupting behind her.

Glen stood fists-on-hips in the center of the grassy area, only a few feet away from where she’d nearly backed over him. She buzzed down the window, her stomach looping into little knots as all six-foot-something of scowling male got bigger and bigger in her wing mirror.

He stopped by her open window, giving her an up-close and personal view of his leather belt and low-slung blue jeans, before he wrenched open her door.

Blue eyes flashing fire, Glen jabbed a thumb over his shoulder and growled, “What in God’s name is that?”

Savannah hauled on the parking brake and unclipped her safety belt.

“That,” she said, shoving one palm against his broad chest to push him out the way. “Is Daisy.”

The warm, hard muscle underneath the thin cotton of his tee shirt had her jerking her hand back. She covered the reaction by tucking a wayward strand of hair behind her ear.

He didn’t move, continuing to glower. “Daisy? You named a butt-ugly orange caravan Daisy?”

“No, the guy I bought her from named her Daisy. And don’t be rude; she’s a classic piece of Kiwi history.”

Glen’s jaw clenched hard enough to crack walnuts. She’d bet ten bucks that if the rock music wasn’t so damn loud, she’d hear his molars grinding.

She swung her rubber-booted feet out of the car, but he still hadn’t moved. Meaning she was almost nose-to-nipple with him. It was quite a nice nipple, too, outlined under his tee shirt like it was, but if the man didn’t back up in the next thirty seconds, she would pincer it as if her fingers were long-nosed pliers and twist.

“Would you mind, terribly much, to move out of the way?”

His nostrils flared once and he stepped aside.

“Thank you,” she said, extra sweetly, and climbed out.


©2015 Tracey Alvarez


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Note: Treasured, valuable and with spiritual significance, Pounamu is used by Māori to show status and authority, for adornment, and for making peace. The Koru shape is based on a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace.

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* Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or anything else.
* All due care will be made in ensuring the prize arrives at the winner’s address, but I am unable to refund prize value in any way should it not arrive due to postal disaster.
* Entries close on June 23rd and winner will receive a direct e-mail from me soon after – so please ensure my e-mail address is added to your safe/contacts list. If I haven’t had a reply from the winner in 48 hours, I will redraw a new winner.



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Comments (8)

  1. Rhonda Brant


    I loved reading about your history and how you incorporated it in the book Tracey! Once I get my paperback copy, I’ll submit the bonus question. :-). Congrats on the release, it’s an awesome book!

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Thanks Rhonda! Glad you enjoyed Savannah & Glen’s story – and hopefully the mentions of fencing. 😉

      Tracey A.

  2. marcia spacht


    I just love your books! The characters come alive and the story lines keep the reader interested.

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Marcia,
      Thanks – so glad you’ve enjoyed my books! It really is lovely to hear from you. 🙂


      Tracey A.

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Polly,
      I’ve no sales planned for any of my books at the moment. Book #1 is still free on all platforms. Thanks.

      Tracey A.

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Polly,
      They are available from – links are on the book page. Thanks!

      Tracey A.

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