Mend Your Heart Release Day

Bounty bay
Kia ora and welcome back to Bounty Bay in the Far North of New Zealand!

This time it’s Isaac Ngata and Natalie Fisher’s turn to play the Game of Love, and things are about to get explosive both on the rubgy field and off! This was truly one of the biggest rollercoaster rides of a book I’ve ever written, and I absolutely adore Isaac and Natalie’s journey – and I hope you will too.


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An idiot’s guide to falling for your best friend’s widow…

Former rugby star Isaac Ngata was New Zealand’s golden boy until five years ago when a tragic accident took the life of his friend and team mate. Now he’s a pariah with a screwed up knee and a burden of guilt toward his friend’s wife and daughter. Best thing for him to do is sink into the anonymous safety of his hometown. An even better thing to do would be to stop picturing Natalie in his arms.

For someone who doesn’t know a dummy pass from a drop kick, Natalie Fisher just wants to keep her late husband’s passion for sport in the past. But their teenage daughter’s rugby team is in desperate need of a coach and the man she can’t stand to be around has volunteered. A long buried attraction flares to life between Natalie and Isaac, one they can’t run far or fast enough to avoid. Soon rugby fever isn’t the only thing heating up Bounty Bay. Crossing the line never had such high stakes…



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“Um, need a hand?”

Natalie’s soft voice, with just a hint of sultry-Blues-rasp in it, caused an entirely different visceral reaction than the jolt his heart gave at the sudden interruption. He spun toward her, the ball bag bouncing off the wall and sending hockey sticks clattering to the floor. She stood a safe five steps behind him, then took a further step backward.

“Oops. My bad,” she said.

Nope, it was all his bad. His bad for noticing the light tan covering her long, bare legs in her mid-thigh-length running tights and shorts. Definitely his bad for noticing her slim-fitting T-shirt that hugged each and every one of her curves. Obviously she knew enough about rugby practises to wear the correct gear—loose fitting clothes made it too easy for an opponent to snag you—but they weren’t helping his rising blood pressure any.

“It’s fine.” He tossed the bulky bag near her feet. “I’ll grab you some cones to carry out to the field. They’re lighter.”

“I’m quite capable of carrying your balls,” she said, then her brow crumpled. “I mean, the balls. The ball sack”—a pink tinge highlighted her cheekbones and her gaze shot sideways to the hallway wall—“I mean, the sack containing the rugby balls.”

Something fizzed like overflowing soda bubbles in Isaac’s chest and for a split second he didn’t recognise it, until the sensation spilled out of him in a belly laugh. Natalie’s gaze zipped from the wall to him, her green eyes widening and her cheeks now the color of someone who’d completed ten running laps around the field.

“By all means, don’t let me deprive you of carrying my ball sack. Have at it.” He continued to chuckle as her eyes went from wide to narrow slits.

Nat bent and hauled the bag up, the slender muscles in her arms flexing. She angled her chin at him. “In my experience, playing with balls are never as exciting to women as they are to men.”

Maybe you’ve been doing it wrong, was on the tip of Isaac’s tongue, but he swallowed it.


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