Monday Morning Mumblings

Today really will be a mumbled and short blog post. It’s 8.35 a.m as I’m typing this and I have no idea of what to write. As I sit drinking my second coffee of the day, the temptation to not write anything because that little voice in my head says, “Dude, nobody really cares what you have to say. Why don’t you just look at some funny cat videos, instead?” This time last week I was exhausted after being up half the night with the massive earthquake New Zealand was struck with. Today, I’m a little less tired, and a little less stressed, but it hasn’t been a great week for me. It hasn’t been a great week for many New Zealanders, especially those closer to the quake’s epicenter in the South Island.

So I try to put things into perspective – as you do. Yes, I’m worried and on edge about another big aftershock hitting…but at least my family and friends all came through the quake relatively unscathed. Yes, I am way behind writing my next book as I’m finding it almost impossible to be creative at the moment…but at least I have power, running water, a roof over my head. The only step I could take, this weekend, was to get our family as prepared as possible. So we moved a ton of books that could potentially fall on us from our bedroom, secured some hutch dressers to the walls so they won’t fall, bought extra containers of water and food and repacked our emergency supplies, and talked to the kids about worse-case-scenarios of what to do if we’re not together when another big quake happens. It’s sobering stuff, and I really encourage all of you, no matter where you are in the world, to have an emergency plan and supplies in place in preparation for a natural disaster. Because while I am still worried about aftershocks (I’m a natural born worrier, it’s a gift born of an overactive imagination!) I do now feel I’ve done as much as I can humanly do to ensure we’ll be okay.


I’m going to leave you with this quote I found on Pinterest. I really like it, and will keep looking at it today to remind me to listen to that other little voice.


P.S Check out the the New Zealand Civil Defence page for ideas on getting you and your family prepared. Click here.

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  1. Paul Rees-Rohrbacher


    I am glad to hear that you are doing better and coping fairly well. I am still amazed at what I have seen in the news, having visited Wellington (and other NZ cities) some years ago. Sad to see destruction there was much worse on the South Island. We have a prep go bag ready in our home, plenty of food, and contingencies when the power goes out. Blessings in the coming days.

    • Reply

      Hi Paul,
      Yes, the destruction in the South Island, especially Kaikoura and that beautiful wild coastline, is heart-breaking. Wellington got of fairly lightly, though there are quite a few buildings in the CBD that were hit hard – so lucky none collapsed though. Glad to hear you have a go bag ready and thanks for your kind thoughts.

      Tracey A.

  2. Rhonda Brant


    Ummmmm, I totally care what you have to say! Very well said about emergency preparedness. We here in sunny CA live with the threat of “the big one” hitting every day, so your words of wisdom hit close to home with this KiwiChick! Hope you are able to get some rest soon!

    • Reply

      Hi Rhonda,
      I do think about you and my other CA friends when the topics of earthquakes arise. I still remember seeing one of the terrible ones there all over the news, and the horrific partial collapse of freeway over passes. Horrible. Yes, please make sure you’re prepared!!

      Tracey A.

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