Monday Morning Mumblings

DH and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last Friday and it felt like a milestone reached – our marriage is now a legal adult! Actually, in New Zealand, you’re a legal adult at 18, but we still felt very grown up. 😉 We had an amazing 6 course taster meal at one of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in Wellington – and laughed together remembering that 21 years ago we couldn’t have even afforded an appetiser to share there! 

That got me thinking though, how have those 21 years gone by so quickly? And how the heck are we still sane and still together after 21 years? Sheer, bloody-minded determination has something to do with it (at least on my part, I can’t speak for DH), I’m stubborn, and I don’t like giving up on people. Especially people I love. And as crazy as my IT-Guy drives me some days, I love him and he’s my best friend – or, to steal a phrase from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (which DH will occasionally watch with me and then deny he knows who McDreamy is, but he totally does), he’s my person. And I’m his. I have his back, and he has mine. We trust each other to be there when life gets crappy, and on days when we want someone by our side to say ‘hey, isn’t this the most amazing thing, ever?!’

I found this clip of a incredible dance of a blind man and his partner. I don’t know who they are, or if they’re romantically involved, but there’s a beautiful trust and intimacy in their movements that I hope you’ll enjoy.



Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Rhonda Brant


    That was pretty incredible Tracey. It’s amazing how finding the right person to share your life with can make such an amazing outlook each and every day. So glad you and DH are two of those people. Here’s to many many more incredible and amazing days!

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