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Woman on the beach in santas hat

Here in New Zealand it’s 20 days until Christmas. TWENTY! I have barely started Christmas shopping and I’m in a kind of love-hate place thinking about the effort of putting up and decorating a tree only to have Kevin and Alfie, our year old kitties, experience the Joy of the Season by trashing it. Christmas is a little different her in the Southern Hemisphere, and if you’ve read my Christmas Novella CHRISTMAS WITH YOU (e-book currently on sale for $0.99 on all retailers) or HIDE YOUR HEART (which is set around Christmas in the Far North of New Zealand) then you’ll have some idea of what the Silly Season is like Down Under. As a general rule, we don’t do roaring fires – unless it’s a BBQ fire. We don’t do snow – we do sand or grass or dirt as a lot of us head to the beach or out camping. A lot of us don’t do heavy roast meals – we do BBQs, salads, ham, and desserts like pavlova and trifle.

But we do do Santa parades and late-night-last-minute shopping and Christmas parties and carol singing, and most of all, we do family. Whether they’re coming to us or we’re going to them, or everybody meet in the middle at Uncle Barry’s house in the sticks, we like to be together. Sitting around in the sunshine, getting a little sunburned as the kids play with their new pole tennis set, drinking beer or wine or sparkling grape juice, pulling Christmas crackers and reading out the terrible pun jokes while wearing a silly paper hat. 

To give you another glimpse of a Summer Wonderland, Air New Zealand put out this fun video last week especially for us Down Under folk. Featuring all the Irish sexiness of Ronan Keating (I’m studying him for researching Joe in Saying I Do, promise) and the cute-and-super-talented Julian Dennison from NZ iconic film ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ it’s classic kiwi humor and good fun to start us Southern Hemisphere folk thinking about pav, back yard BBQs, cricket on the beach and wearing our jandals all summer long. Enjoy!

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Have you ever experienced a Southern Hemisphere Christmas? Would you want to? What do you think you’d enjoy the most? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


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  1. Rhonda Brant


    Given what I’ve seen from the pictures you’ve posted of your beautiful country, I would love to visit during this time of year. Although I will tell you, Southern California is not the East Coast with their bitter cold and snow! We regularly have 80 degree weather on Christmas, which defies all of the Christmas songs with a White Christmas, but we go with the flow and enjoy the season! BBQs and all!

    • Reply

      Hi Rhonda,
      It’s pretty cool to experience the holiday season in another climate. We were fortunate once to be in the USA/Canada over Christmas/New Years – unfortunately we didn’t get a white Christmas in Canada as there wasn’t any that year in Vancouver! Maybe next time…

      Tracey A.

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