Monday Morning Mumblings

Can you believe it’s one week until Christmas?

In this crazy-busy time of year, I’d like to ask you guys a favor. And that is: be kind to others and be kind to yourselves. That mother dragging a screaming toddler with her through Walmart might’ve just lost her dad to cancer during the year. That person who takes the last parking spot at the mall might have had a day from hell and forgotten to buy his wife a Christmas present. That shop assistant who smiles while trying to deal with a rude customer might’ve been dumped by her fiancee the night before. That elderly man moving like a snail through the supermarket aisle might be spending another Christmas without family…again. We just don’t know what goes on in other peoples’ lives, and other people don’t know the stresses that can dominate ours. So especially around this time of the year, be kind to yourself. Don’t worry if your presents aren’t perfectly wrapped (or if there aren’t presents), just be present. I’m sure your family would rather have a happy, healthy you than a perfect (or what you think is perfect) day.

I’m taking a break from my Monday Morning Mumblings for a couple of weeks over Christmas & New Year, but I’ll see you back in 2017. So until then, wishing you all a wonderful Christmas or happy holidays, and a peaceful and joy filled 2017.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite You-Tube sensations, a funny kiwi guy and his adorable baby in How To Go Grocery Shopping with a Baby by the How To Dad guy.



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  1. Debbie


    Great message for the hectic holidays! What a cute video – both dad and baby! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  2. Reply

    Nice blog post Tracey. It is good to consider what someone else might be going through. Hope you and your family (and cats) have a lovely, relaxing Christmas.

    • Reply

      Hi Teresa,
      Wishing you and yours (including fur babies) a wonderful Christmas. My boys have got some treats wrapped up under the tree – luckily they haven’t sniffed them out yet!

      Tracey A.

  3. Rhonda Brant


    Happy Holidays Tracey! Hope you, DH, Mr. 19 and Miss 16 have an amazing Christmas and safe Happy New Year!

  4. Kathi


    So true – you never know what the stranger next to you has gone thru. Thanks for the reminder! Merry Christmas Tracey!

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