Monday Morning Mumblings…

This weekend my crazy, but devoted DH took our daughter up to Mt Ruapehu on a ski camp with a whole bunch of other teenagers. It’s about a 4-5 hour drive from our place to the mountain, but because of torrential rain and masses of traffic they didn’t arrive until 11pm – seven hours after they left here. SEVEN HOURS in a car with five teenagers? Not on your life. Anyway.

This is what Mt Ruapehu normally looks like:



And….this is what Mt Ruapheu looked like for the whole weekend.

Go skiing they said. It’ll be FUN they said…


So DH and the kids romped in mud-slash-snow in the mountain carpark, checked out the thermal pools in Taupo, watched an All Blacks vs Springboks test at the local pub (the AB kicked butt, of course) and then on Sunday they played mini-golf before heading home in torrential rain. Gotta love that spring weather!

What did I do while the house was almost empty, you ask? I edited, watched Netflix, read, ate chocolate (shhhh, I didn’t save any for DH & my daughter!), snuggled with my two cats Kevin and Alfie on my bed (or herded them away from mischief), hunted for my dad’s hearing aid (which was on his night stand the whole time) and unblocked the toilet at 11.30 pm. Anyone who thinks an author’s life is glamorous, think again…

And after such an adventurous weekend, I need at least a day-long nap to recover.


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  1. Rhonda Brant


    LOL! DH is such a great dad! Hope they make it back safely and quicker than 7 hours. Dang!

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Rhonda,
      Yes, they both made it home safe and sound last night. 🙂 I think DH had a bit of a headache from all the teenage noise though…poor thing!
      Thanks for stopping by,

      Tracey A.

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