Monday Morning Mumblings

While it’s Monday morning here, for a lot of peeps it’s still Sunday (lucky!!) and the last day of my boxed set sale. I’m not going to post links because I’m pretty sure everyone from Oban in Stewart Island to Alaska has heard about my sale, and okay, if you haven’t, check out this post you have one more day. And in case you’re wondering what I look like after a week of rollercoaster highs and lows, here’s a self portrait:


Yes. I’m that jaded, and my mouse-clicker-finger is sore from all the refreshing of my rankings. Remember how I talked about my propensity to freak out over the sky falling in this post? That was me pretty much this entire week since last Monday (Tuesday New Zealand time). Day one of the sale I was convince that the whole thing was going to flop and I was NEVER GOING TO SELL ENOUGH BOOKS TO EVEN COME CLOSE AND OMG JUST HIT DELETE DELETE DELETE… Then on Friday my Bookbub ad came out and suddenly, hello, this happened…


Number 9 in the whole Amazon US store? GET. OUT!

But then this happened in the US iBooks store…


Refresh, refresh, refresh. I was sure there was a mistake.

And then…


HOLY CRAP! That was me! Number 2 in the whole B&N store. Next to Paula-freaking-Hawkins (and below me was James Patterson!!).

Is it enough to make the USA Today List this coming week? I don’t know, and FYI I am going a little nuts on the USA Today website (refresh-refresh-refresh) waiting until they update it. 

What I DO know, is that I have THE most generous author friends who have selflessly helped me promote this set and cheered me on from the sidelines. What I DO know, is that I have THE most supportive group of readers in my Facebook readers group Tracey’s KiwiChicks Tribe (if you wanna hang out and talk books and stuff with me and some pretty cool chicks, click on the link). And what I DO know is I am so grateful for all the readers who’ve taken a chance on me and my books by buying one, for the readers who already have my books but bought the set to support me, and for the readers who’ve sent kind messages to me on e-mail and social media during this week.

LOVE you guys! xx

Oh – and I DO know that I have THE most incredible husband who’s kept me sane this week and tells everyone about his amazing, talented wife. *blush*

So after all the excitement of this week, I’m heading back into the editing cave now to finish off TEACH YOUR HEART because I know you’re going to love Dr. O-for-Awesome Owen Bennett and the sweet and feisty Gracie Cooper.



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  1. Rhonda Brant


    So proud of you Tracey!!!!! Congrats on your amazing accomplishment, you totally deserve the kudos! I’m so glad it’s still Sunday here!!

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Thanks Rhonda! I so appreciate your support! (And I’ll let you know about *the list* later in the week) 🙂

      Tracey A.

  2. Paul R


    Wonderful news, Tracey. Congratulations on the amazing end to the week. I have enjoyed the whole bunch of your Due South Novels as well as the Far North series (where I started). I truly enjoy your writing and look forward to next book. I don’t think I qualify for your KiwiChicks Tribe – even though I have loved to travels in New Zealand i’m still a guy. Way to Go!

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Paul,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words. I’m chuffed that you’ve enjoyed both the Due South and Far North books. I’m just finishing up the first round of edits on the next Far North book, Teach Your Heart, so hopefully it’ll be ready to go next month. 🙂

      Tracey A.

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