Monday Morning Mumblings

Earlier in the week my Miss 15 turned into Miss 16, and the first thing she did this weekend was get her learner driver license. DH, of course, made her drive home and took her around one of the city’s busy roundabouts. Fortunately, (or unfortunately?!) she wasn’t put off by the experience. Later that day, when it was just her and I in the car after dropping one of her BFFs home, she asked if she could drive the two of us back the 2 minute drive to our place. Pulling up my big Mama panties, I said, “Sure.” However, it’s a totally different ball game from the time I went with her and DH when she practised driving in an abandoned sub-division with NO other traffic. I climbed into the passenger seat for the first time and we took the obligatory mother/daughter selfie.


We set off (slowly, because she’s a very cautious and conscientious driver) and after 2 minutes sitting at the stop sign waiting for the right time to pull into traffic (this is good!!) we got on the main street that leads to our house. Totally different perspective when your precious baby is driving and—OMG dude, get off of our bumper can’t you see the Learner plates and so what if she’s going 20 kph below the speed limit she’s LEARNING—there’s suddenly traffic everywhere. We made it home in one piece and Miss 16 turns to me and says, “Mum, you should teach me to drive! You’re soooo much calmer than dad.”

Apparently, I have a better poker face than I thought!

Any suggestions for the mum of a brand new driver, let me know in the comments!


P.S FYI it won’t be me teaching Miss 16 the intricacies of driving, I don’t think my heart could take the strain!

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  1. Rhonda Brant


    LOL! Ahhhhh, so glad my boys are now in their 30s and I don’t have any young drivers at home! I think that’s when my hair started going gray!!!! Lol! May the or even be with you Tracey!

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Rhonda,
      Yes, I expect I’ll need to visit my hairstylist for a touch up BEFORE my February appointment now! DH took her for two long drives yesterday and she’s already improving…though not with dealing with his *teaching*, I believe! Oh dear…

      Tracey A.

  2. Nicole Cross


    Prayer…lots of prayer. My 17 year old son just started driving for real during the summer and it takes a lot of faith to keep from worrying constantly. I also got the “you’re so much better than Daddy” comment which I smugly and secretly LOVE. My 15 year old son has no interest and this girl is thrilled with that!

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Nicole,
      Is the age to get a learner license higher than here? I’m guessing it is – it’s 16 in New Zealand, but they have to hold that learners license for 6 months before they can sit a practical test and get their restricted. There’s a lot of rules and regulations – but my ‘Mummy’ heart says 16 is too young! My 19 year old son is luckily uninterested in driving and I think half the appeal for Miss 16 is getting her full license first and being able to drive ‘big brother’ around. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Tracey A.

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