Monday Morning Mumblings

So. I’ve decided to try using my blog a little more, in the hopes that A) people will read my mumblings, and B) it’ll prime the pump and help me kick ass on my current WIP once I’ve finished knocking back my first third coffee of the day.

Don’t expect any profound wisdom or advice or a 500 word essay on the Meaning of Life (after all, Monday is NOT my favourite day of the week) but hopefully it’ll give you a smile. Even if it is Sunday in your part of the world!

Here’s my most profound-est thought for Monday morning.

coffee salad


How do you start a rough Monday morning? Coffee? Tea? Wine? 😉

Let me know in the comments.


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    • Tracey Alvarez


      I’m another Earl Grey tea fan, Paul. Don’t think I could drink it first thing in the morning though. 🙂
      Tracey A.

  1. Eileen Aberman-Wells


    I don’t drink any of the above. I’m a milk with cereal or water person.

  2. Rhonda Brant


    Hi Tracey!

    You’ve been silent for way too long!!! I have to start my morning with my green tea, and usually end my day with reading and my green tea close by. Now that’s not to say that if there just so happens to be Bailey’s in the ear vicinity that I won’t grab that in a heartbeat! Have a great day!!!

    • Tracey Alvarez


      Hi Rhonda,
      Never developed a taste for green tea, though there are a number of herbal teas I love now. And Baileys…well. I had, let’s just say, a bad Bailey’s incident in my late teenage years and now I can’t stand the smell of it! I’ll stick to Mojitos! 😉

      Tracey A.

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