Monday Morning Mumblings

 Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree and I learned two things.

One, my Miss 16 has developed a touch of OCD about decorating it. She decided on a ‘theme’ of red, gold and silver and no matter how much I begged she wouldn’t let me hang the glittery, purpley-blue ornaments. This is payback from when she was a kid and I would quietly go around after her and her brother hung baubles and space them out more…evenly. Okay, so she gets it from me!

The second thing I learned, much to my relief (so far!) is that Kevin and Alfie my naughty fur-boys, aren’t as interested in the tree as I feared. I say ‘so far’ as it hasn’t been up 24 hours and the two of them have a habit of destroying things. Let’s not talk about what they did to the living room blinds! Kevin (pictured below) contributed to the festivities by catching a mouse in our living room (OMG!!). He was MOST unimpressed when Miss 16 and I started shrieking and my DH had to confiscated it from him.

Anyway. For now our Christmas tree looks pretty and perfect in red/gold/silver with presents underneath…unfortunately, somewhere in that pile of presents Miss 16 wrapped some cat treats for the boys…ulp. I’ll keep you updated.



Meanwhile, here’s a hilarious commercial about a Christmas CATastrophe! 😉


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