Never Judge a Book by its Cover…Yeah, Right.

Everybody secretly loves a makeover, right? There’s nothing quite like seeing an ugly duckling transform into a swan. Actually, this isn’t a great analogy, as my first Due South covers were gorgeous, but they weren’t quite right for the new, updated look of my Far North series. So, since we all know that we DO judge books by their covers, I got the amazing Kellie from Book Cover By Design to rework the Due South series. The books are still exactly the same (so you don’t need to buy another copy), but I thought you’d like to see some before and after shots!


In Too Deep (Before)


In Too Deep (After)

In Too Deep E-Book - Copy - 300x200

Melting Into You (Before)


Melting Into You (After)

Melting Into You E-Book Cover - 300x200

Ready To Burn (Before)

RTB Smashwords - 200x300

Ready To Burn (After)

Ready To Burn E-Book Cover - 300x200

Christmas With You (Before)


Christmas With You (After)

Christmas With You E-Book Cover - 200x300

My Forever Valentine (Before)

Valentine Smashwords - 200x300

My Forever Valentine (After)

My Forever Valentine E-Book Cover - 300x200


I’d love to hear what you think of the new covers, and also what you like/dislike about romance covers in general. What it is about a cover that attracts you? Do you like your romance covers with bare-chested hotties? Couples? How important to you is it that the couple/model on the cover looks like the book’s characters? Do tell and leave a comment below! 🙂


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