On Holiday Homes & Critters…

This weekend DH and I are at opposite ends of the North Island. He’s doing some computer work up near where my second series is set, while I remain home with two bored teens and an endless supply of Glee and Supernatural DVDs to watch. Am I complaining that DH gets to spend a weekend in our beautiful holiday home with this view here:

Far North photo


No, I am not. And this is why. 

Last night DH texted me. Simple, huh? Not when there are only a couple of spots in the house where you can get a cellphone signal. Other choices include leaning out in a death-defying angle out over the deck. Fun times. 

Anyway, the text let me know that a) he’d survived the four-wheel-drive only road to our house, and b) a weta had fallen on his head. Inside the house. Don’t know what a weta is? Check out this photo:


Trust me. You don’t want this guy anywhere on your body. While wetas don’t generally bite (though they can), let’s just say the experience of having one scrambling over your scalp is not as pleasant as say, oh, a root canal without a numbing agent.

Then this morning another text from DH, straight and to the point.

“Morning darling. I found a live rat in the bathroom.”


I’m sure this is what DH discovered, some poor wee ratty just going about his ratty life, on the way home to the wife and kids after a hard night running around our house:

little mouse hidingher muzzle

Awwww. Isn’t he adorbs?

But that wasn’t what sprung into my mind. Nope. This is what I pictured after shuddering through DHs text:



That’s right, a PLAGUE of rats, or whatever the plural of a single rat is. Hang on while I Google…oh hey, a group of rats is a plague (or a colony, pack or swam). I’m sticking with plague.

So while I adore our little holiday home, I’m kinda glad that I don’t have to deal with the critters who like to move in and have wild orgies during our absence. Having two teens are critters enough for me.

If you’re interested in reading about the gorgeous sub-tropical Far North, check out Hide Your Heart (where our holiday home is cleverly disguised as Lauren & Drew Taylor’s little home) and Know Your Heart (where there may be a critter interaction between the squeamish heroine and an indignant arachnid.) 


Have a great weekend, everyone!


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