Quake Release Day!

I’m so excited to tell you about my latest release, a single title romantic suspense, Quake – a book that cuts very close to one of my biggest fears.

You see, I’m a Wellingtonian, born and bred in the capital city of New Zealand. I’ve lived here most of my life and experienced some very scary earthquakes. None, **knocking on wood** that have been on the scale of what Daniel and Ana experience in Quake, though. Wellington lies on a massive fault line, and anyone who’s lived here for any length of time has probably felt a few small earthquakes. I often joke that I won’t get out of bed for less than a 5.0 on the Richter Scale, but every time I hear that deep, low rumble (which is indescribable but the closest I can get to is an underground train barreling toward you) my heart gives a little jolt and I tense, relying on the fight-or-flight instinct to head for cover, or to ride it out.

New Zealand has been hit by some major earthquakes in the past ten years. Wellington has had two bad shakes – the last one was on November 2016, a 7.8 earthquake that centered in Kaikoura in the South Island, an area known for it’s incredible marine life. It hit just after midnight, and almost literally shook many people out of bed, including my family. I can’t tell you how scary it is to be woken by your house starting to shake, or what it feels like to huddle under your door-frame, looking into the eyes of your 19-year-old son who’s trying not to show his fear as photos and a vase of flowers fly off the hallway table, or that your 16-year-old daughter’s room is separated from yours by a closed door and a kitchen and that even though you want so desperately to get to her, the house is now slamming back and forth so violently that you can barely stand upright, or that your elderly father is alone in his bedroom and there’s no way you can get to him either, or the sounds of glass breaking and my much-loved late mother’s china smashing…

You get the picture, it is terrifying.  

Quake is actually the first book I wrote after a long hiatus of writing while I concentrated on raising my kids. The first draft was completed in mid 2010 (back before I even thought of self-publishing) but then in February 2011, the devastating Christchurch earthquake killed 185 people. I couldn’t in good conscience even consider doing anything with this book back then, even though I loved Ana’s and Daniel’s story. Like the rest of New Zealand I was ‘gutted’ as we say about the tragedy, so Quake was relegated to my hard-drive and I kinda forgot about it. During the past 8 years I’d tried on and off to edit it, but lost interest and put it in the ‘too hard’ basket. But the story just wouldn’t leave me alone, because it does play on one of my worst fears – being separated from my kids during a natural disaster. So finally at the end of 2017, I whipped it into shape, sent it to my Beta readers to ask if they thought it was a story worth sharing (luckily they all LOVED it and said HELL YEAH or words to that affect) so here it is.

I do hope you love this story as much as I do.



He’ll shake her foundations…

Ana Grace is living a single mother’s worst nightmare. Separated from her two kids by a catastrophic earthquake, she’s trapped in her office building with a man she’s only just met. He’s a sexy former soldier, and possibly the only man able to help her navigate the dangerous landscape home.

Daniel Calder is tired of failing people he’s tried to help, but since Ana is his younger sister’s boss, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place. That rock keeps shifting under his feet, shaking his determination not to become emotionally involved with another damsel in distress.

But when an unforeseen enemy rises from a city in chaos, Ana Grace and her family are in the crosshairs. There’s so much more at stake than just their hearts, and the clock is ticking.


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Once on the second floor ledge, Daniel followed her directions to descend another story, where he dropped the last six feet to land catlike on the ground. He brushed a smattering of dust from his shoulder and stalked toward her, a tawny panther of a man.

It was a moment that slashed a line in the sand. On one side was Nadia’s brother and the perfect guy to have around in an emergency. On the other side of the line, the one she’d inadvertently stepped over, was simply Daniel. Ana could no longer deny her awareness of him, how he made her blood thrum and heat wash through her body.

He stopped close enough that she could count each individual flake of brick that dotted his shirt. Heat blistered off him, carrying his unique scent and the raw sting of fresh male sweat. Her mouth went dry, as if the warmth of his body sucked out all the moisture.

“Could’ve done it blindfolded, huh?” The tip of her tongue swept out to dampen lips that trembled under his fierce contemplation. “You might’ve been killed.”

Daniel didn’t reply. Instead, he slid a hand along the curve of her jaw. She shivered as his long fingers cradled the back of her head and used them as gentle leverage to pull her off balance. Her hands splayed against his chest, her palms soaking up the heat released from taut muscle.

“I didn’t need to see. I had you.”

“Daniel, I don’t think we, I mean I—” Her voice contained a huskiness she didn’t recognize. It was like eavesdropping on a stranger. A stranger who wasted her breath by protesting the inevitable.


Copyright © Tracey Alvarez 2018




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  1. Dolores Richmond


    Have read others of your books and am looking forward to this one.

  2. peter wheatley


    I love that you write a believable and interesting storyline woven together with emotion and romance. I also adore anything to do with NZ!

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