Simply…Thank You…

I don’t want to do a Big Bang Theory, Howard Walowitz, here and keep banging on about the USA Today Bestseller list (remember Howard slipping ‘I was an astronaut’ into every conversation?!) it’s not in my nature.

And if you know any Kiwis (New Zealanders) it’s a national trait. Yeah, nah, we’re pretty humble on the whole! So before I shut-up-about-it-already…


23 years ago I was this young woman. Tapping away on a hand-me-down computer with one cat on my knee and another perched behind me, dreaming that one day a book of mine would get published. Never, ever daring to dream that I’d have a book that reached the USA Today Bestseller list. In fact, I don’t think I was even aware of the big lists then, I just wanted to write.


Some things don’t change. I still write with cats, and I still just want to write. But now I have two kids, an elderly father who needs taking care of, and a very supportive husband. And a laptop – God bless my laptop! Finding out my Due South Boxed set reached the USA Today Bestseller list didn’t quite go as planned. Nothing in life ever does, does it? 🙂 I’d been refreshing the list and saw the same books in the same rank over and over. I was going a little nuts wondering why it hadn’t updated when a friend and fellow author texted me with ‘OMG!!! You’re number #63!!’ For a second I thought she was making it up to make me feel better, because, dammit, my book was nowhere to be seen. Then she sent me a screen shot of the USA Today website.


It was true, but I still couldn’t quite believe it, even when my Facebook page started going nuts with notifications of congrats from other authors – did I tell you what a wonderful incredibly supportive bunch romance authors are?!

Wow. Somehow in the last 23 years I’d come from pipe dream to reality. All the years of writing and editing and writing and editing more and then rejection after rejection. Of pulling up my big girl panties and deciding to self-publish my first book at the end of 2013. Wow. I still can’t quite get my head around it.

I am so grateful for all my readers, I really can’t tell you how much – weird for a writer to be lost for words, but there you go. I appreciate each of you for reading my work and allowing me to do what I love most.

And now, I’ll get back to work. There are books to write and the many facets of love to explore.

So, simply, mihi (thanks). 



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