The Stewart Island series focuses on family, community, and of course, each book contains a scorching hot romance.

Approximately 400 year-round residents live there and the unspoilt wildness of the place is a perfect backdrop to my characters’ struggles and triumphs. 

Due South is the fictional name of the local pub situated in the small town of Oban, Stewart Island—which lies 30km south of New Zealand’s South Island. 

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In Too Deep
Book #1
Piper & West


Melting Into You
Book #2
 Kezia & Ben

Ready To Burn
Book #3
 Shaye & Del

Christmas With You
Book #4
 Carly & Kip

My Forever Valentine
Book #5 (Short Stories)

Playing For Fun
Book #6
 Holly & Ford

Drawing Me In
Book #7
 Bree & Harley

Kissing The Bride
Book #7.5
 Shaye & Del’s wedding story

Saying I Do
Book #8
 MacKenna & Joe

Home for Christmas
Book #9
 Carly & Kip (novella)

Bending the Rules
Book #10
Tilly & Noah