6 Reasons Why I’m Part of the Supernatural ‘Family’

It’s no secret that this is my favorite TV show, and I admit to being proud when one of my readers e-mailed to tell me they started watching it after the mentions of it in PLAYING FOR FUN and how they LOVED it.


So here’s the 6 top reasons why I love the Winchester Brothers and their adventures in their 1967 Chevy Impala…


The cast really are like a family and they treat their fans with such genuine kindness.


2. The show is really about family. (And Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki consider themselves brothers in real life, awwww)


3. The brothers drive a seriously cool car.


4. The show’s writers are brilliant and I still pick up new things (Ah…I see what you did there!) re-watching the seasons.


5. The actors do a lot of charity work. My favorite is Jared Padalecki’s ‘Always Keep Fighting’ campaign to beat depression (which he suffers from).


6. This one is obvious. I mean, c’mon. Look at them! Just LOOK. AT. THEM. !!



And there you have it. 6 reasons to start watching Supernatural from Season 1, episode 1. You’ll thank me. (Or maybe not…) 😉 

Season 12 starts tomorrow. I can’t wait.




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