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Everytime I wish I had an office to write in (as opposed to a desk crammed into the corner of our bedroom) I remind myself of one of my favourite authors, Stephen King, who reputedly wrote his first novel with a typewriter on his lap in a corner of a laundry room. Or somewhere just as unpleasant. 

I’m lucky enough to have a cosy bedroom and a desk. And if that desk is a mess because I don’t have enough space, and let’s face it, I’m a wee bit of a slob, then I’ve just had to put up with it. Don’t be shocked, but this is currently what my workspace looks like. 

No, it’s not a still from The World’s Worst Hoarders. How rude. This is the unvarnished reality of this author, peeps. And BTW, the shelves are normally crammed with books but I had to move them off temporarily. 

However, hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have my very own writer cave. One that I can lock my family and my two naughty boy cats out of. No more interruptions from DH wandering in and out of the room looking for his misplaced phone. No more cats fishing teabags out of my mug when I’m not looking. Ah, the bliss. In preparation I bought this sign to hang on my wall. It’s more suitable for a romance author than ‘interrupters will be shot’ I suppose. 😏

Do you have a special room or space just for yourself? What are the conditions of entry? If you don’t have a room or special space, what would it look like if you did and what would you use it for? Let me know in the comments. 

Have an awesome week!

Tracey A.

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    I so need a lock on my door! Being interrupted is one of the banes of a writer’s life! I thought about buying a portaloo and just sitting on the loo to write, LOL.

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    Living with hubby, three young children and a dog, and after writing three novels surrounded by the crazy, I was so desperate for my own space with a door, that we ripped out our ensuite to make one. (It needed to be ripped out, and there will be another built one day). So yes, oh yes, in about a month I will move it to my own writer’s cave and I CANNOT WAIT!! It will be filled with…books and blessed, blessed silence, hmmm maybe I should install a soundproof door so I can’t hear them knocking…yes! Do they exist?

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      Hi Vanessa,
      Wow – I’m impressed you managed to write three novels with all that distraction! Well done you! A sound-proof, child-proof door sounds exactly what you need to complete your new writer’s cave! Good luck!

      Tracey A.

  3. Gail Young


    Tracey, you so deserve a “writing room” just for you. Keep up the good work and I love your sign and I’m very proud of you xx

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    I write at the dining room table (it’s the sunniest room in the house). I sweep all my notes into a cupboard at the end of the day so we have a clear table for dinner. I hope you do get your writer’s cave Tracey. It would be great to have a study of my own. I dream about it, with pictures that I love on the walls and a bookshelf with all my writing books. It would need a big window. When my kids no longer need their playroom I might convert that room.

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      Hi Nicole,
      That’s a great idea – especially hiding the notes etc in a cupboard! I’m naturally a bit slobbish in my work area. 😉 Sounds like you’ve got your dream office all planned out, and it sounds a lot like my ideal space.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Tracey A.

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